simply0wn Silkroad Alpha Stage 1 [Download Game Client]

    • simply0wn Silkroad Alpha Stage 1 [Download Game Client]

      Dear community,

      here we go with my alpha stage. Just some words from my side.
      this is a free and non profit project. I made this server, how I wanted it to be and I just want to share this nostalgia with you.
      That means, silk/hour and no donation based system. No one will ever get any stuff from me for donations. Ofc you can Donate me, if you want to: Here is my email:
      but don't except something ingame for it. Since I really want fair-play and I know alot of you guys don't want to spend money on a "private-server" wich is absolutely understandable.
      Of course I made some minor modifications on it like a custom weather system or a custom !auto_potion !auto_pick feature.
      But everything else is keept original as possible. Rates are standard isro ones and you will get angry at alchemy. this game is not made for getting max level in 1 day.
      Just play, grind, like you did in the past. Don't focus on getting the best m*therfc*ing penetrator and yell at my because there are bugs wich make you angry.
      I'm a human and cannot test everything. ^^
      Also there is no "packet based" working bot for this files. But to make your life a little bit easier, iv'e attached some keypressers inside the game client.
      Don't except 24/7 support from me, because I'am doing this alone and I got real work, friends and hobbys. But I promise to try to keep this server run as long as possible and fix stuff "we" the community may find.

      How to register?
      Simply download the game client and put in credentials (ID) wich does not exist and ofc your desired password.
      The reason for this is, I don't have any experience with website languages and I don't want to risk leaks at all.

      In alpha stage there will be no wipe as long as I didn't f*ck up something wich could create influence on server.

      How long will this server last?
      this dedicated machine is running since 2013 and it will "always" be, since I need this machine for other stuff im working on.

      Last but not least, here are some "main informations /features" + the download link:

      Files: Japanese Silkroad Online Files (2007)
      Cap: 80
      Race: China Only
      Rates: 1x
      Party Rates: 2x
      Botting: Allowed
      Capacity: 100 Players ( I don't really think my modifications can hold more since I'am a poor coder)
      Opening Date: Now, just play.
      Silk/Hour: 10
      Max Login/IP: 3
      - KRYLFILTER with some modifications (Thanks to Goofie for using his source code)
      - Custom pick filter
      - Custom auto potion (The Original auto potion is still avaiable)
      - Custom Weather System (Global System wich acts randomly)
      - 24/7 Time System synced to game client (If it's dark outside, it's dark ingame)

      Download Game
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